My husband and I have been using this cold/flu tonic for a couple years now and find that it works great. I am happy to find something that is simply food, so my body doesn’t have to deal with any extra toxins.

At the first sign of a tickle or scratchiness in the throat, or even just having been around someone who is sick, I’ll take a tablespoon of this (fondly called “the boingy stuff” at my house), and it works every time to prevent me from getting downright sick. I’ll repeat as needed, but so far I haven’t had to submit to anything stronger. Haha, some of my kids would say there IS nothing stronger!

I highly recommend you mix up a batch and have on hand during this cold/flu season, so if the beginnings of a cold or sore throat appears, you can knock it down fast!

Find the recipe and instructions on Dr. Ben Kim’s site here.