Sometimes called “date paste,” this sweetener is my definite go-to when I want to sweeten anything, from hot oatmeal, to pancake batter, to smoothies and beyond! I was always taught not to eat paste, so I simply call it sweetener instead. 🙂 Just add a spoonful or two of this delicious, highly-nutritious sweetener to whatever dish you’re creating, and you’ll love that you get the sweetness of real-food nutrition right along with the sweet flavor.


Date Sweetener
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Date Sweetener
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Servings: varies
  1. Place desired number of dates in a container and cover with hot tap water.
  2. Allow dates to soak (just on your counter is fine) for a few hours or more.
  3. Once the dates have softened, use your thumbs to open and remove the pits.
  4. Place pitted dates and a little of the soaking liquid in your food processor and process at medium speed until the dates have the smoothness and consistency you like. Add more liquid if needed. I like my sweetener thicker than applesauce, but not too stiff. Kind of like the consistency of jam.
  5. Scrape from processor into a glass jar with lid and keep in the fridge. The amount pictured as soaking will usually produce about a pint of sweetener.
Recipe Notes

Date sweetener can be used at a 1:1 ratio in most recipes calling for a small amount of sugar (1/2 cup or less). If the recipe calls for more than a half cup, use a combination of sweeteners, such as dates, honey, maple syrup, monkfruit, etc.

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